ATypI 2010 Dublin

If you have attended ATypI 2010 Conference in Dublin, you may have found a little KLTF discount coupon, nicely printed by Letterpress 77, in your goodie bag:

The conference

This year’s conference – scheduled 8.–12. September 2010 – had an impressive list of speakers which was even more of a delight as there were a number of respected collegues and friends among them like Jos Buivenga, Bas Jacobs, Thomas Milo, Dan Reynolds, and the folks of DTL, FontLab and URW++.
See Florian Hardwig’s (p)review, some first impressions, a look into the goodie bag full of impressive items, a summary of PreFace and the main conference’s day one and day two. Then, the reports by Dan Reynold (part 1 & part 2 & part 3), Yves Peters’ (part 1 & part 2 & a much belated part 3), and Thomas Phinney (1 part). Finally, some pictures, and information about ... next year’s conference.

Getting there

For conference locations see the official conference map.
Aircoach connects Dublin Airport with Dublin: route 1 and route 2. Relevant stops seem to be O’Connell Street between Royal Dublin Hotel and Gresham Hotel (arrival and departure), Grafton Street by Trinity College (arrival), and Suffolk Street near McCullough Piggott’s (departure). No warranties that I identified bus stop locations correctly! Further, their time table and fares.
The Dublin Airport site offers alternatives.


Still wondering how Mr Reynolds managed to make ATypI happen in Dublin this year so as to create a typographically perfect context for his Victor Hammer talk ...

10 September 2010

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